Catholic Wedding Ceremony Music is based on tradition.

Catholic Wedding Ceremony Music is full of tradition – liturgical, ceremonial, and musical. Every part of a Catholic Wedding has strong religious roots that have been passed along throughout the Catholic Church's history and have become the traditions that are followed today- the bridal procession to the altar, the lighting of the unity candle to represent the joining of two separate individuals into one person, the presentation of flowers to the blessed virgin and asking for her blessing on your marriage, the solemn vows of marriage, the sign of peace with family and loved ones, and the mass itself.

Besides the liturgical and ceremonial traditions and customs, there are many other customs and traditions. The white wedding dress representing purity, the maid of honor and best man serving as the main witnesses, the flowers that adorn the church, the wedding contract, the photographers, and the musicians.

Catholic Wedding Ceremony Music Music in the Catholic Church has become a tradition unto itself. From the beginning of the service through the Gospel reading, specific hymns and chants are sung such as the Alleluia and the priest's processional. There are the essential chants of the mass itself such as the Holy, Holy or the Lamb of God. Music adds to the worship and praise as well as the beauty of the Mass.

Many famous composers have written their own masses, including Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and Franz Joseph Schubert, among many others. Johann Sebastian Bach, while not Catholic, arranged hundreds of hymns and cantatas, many of which are used in churches today for Catholic wedding ceremony music. Many other remarkably beautiful pieces have even been written for marriage scenes in operas.

A Catholic Wedding Ceremony derives much of its beauty from the music performed for each part of the service.

The entrance of the bridal party signifies the beginning of the marriage ceremony. The bridal party includes all of the bridesmaids, including the maid of honor and flower girl. The special music for the bridal party should be elegant and anticipatory, it should not overshadow the music for the bride. Once all of the bridesmaids have finished their procession, the music changes and the bride enters. The music that accompanies the beautiful bride's walk down the aisle should be elegant, stately, and regal.

After the bridal procession, special music can be used at several other points: after the first scripture reading, the lighting of the unity candle, the presentation of the gifts, the sign of piece, Communion,presentation to the statue of Mary, and the recessional. Using Catholic Wedding Ceremony Music, there are many parts of the ceremony in which the bride and groom can make very individualized and unique choices in their music selections and instrumentation.

There are many options for instrumentation of Catholic Wedding Ceremony Music. One could combine several different instruments such as organ, trumpet, string quartet, and voice. A more simple version could be an organist, trumpet player, and violinist. Another option could simply use a string quartet. Read our Classical Music Ensembles page to learn about different ensembles that endow weddings with a special ambiance, and speak with the music director of your church or with a professional musician from Hire Conservatory Alumni who will assist you in finding the perfect ensemble to make your wedding memorable.

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