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How do you go about choosing the music and Chicago wedding musicians that will be performed at your wedding? There are so many Chicago Wedding Musicians! How do you know that you are hiring an ensemble that will enhance, not detract, from your Chicago wedding? And do you know what types of ensembles are available and appropriate for your wedding? Don't worry- Hire Conservatory Alumni can help!

In this Article, We Will Answer the Above Questions so that Your Wedding Will be a
Musical Success.

The music that you choose for your wedding is one of the most important aspects of your wedding. Think of your favorite movie- it certainly wouldn't be as affecting if there was no music to accompany the action. Wedding music functions in a similar manner. It enhances the ambiance and emotion of your important day. With this in mind we can now choose what type of music and Chicago wedding musicians to perform at your wedding.

As you already know, weddings are elegant and formal occasions, designed to share the most important day of your life with those most important to you. Live classical musicians are perfect for such an occasion. Whether indoors or out, classical chamber music imparts an air of nobility, intimacy even in the largest of spaces, and creates that all important ambiance necessary for your wedding to feel truly special.

There are Two Areas of the Wedding Experience that Your Chicago Wedding Musicians Will be Involved in:
Ceremony Music, and Reception Music.

Wedding ceremony music is used in four parts of the ceremony. The first of which is the seating of guests, when prelude music is performed for anywhere from 15 to 30 minutes before the wedding is scheduled to begin. This music should create feelings of reflection, elegance, peace, and respect for the extraordinary act to follow. This music is almost always in a major key, and can be upbeat, but never loud or bombastic, as guests talk quietly amongst themselves.

Processional music accompanies the bridal party and bride down the aisle. Usually two different pieces are performed- one for the bridal party, and another for the bride. This music is in duple meter, making is easy to walk to. Your Chicago wedding musicians should be experienced enough to know when each piece should begin and end. Inexperienced Chicago wedding musicians often botch this part of the wedding, making the wedding seem unorganized and lessening the impact of the bride walking down the aisle.

Depending on your type of wedding, music may be used in actual ceremony itself. Perhaps you would like a special piece to be performed for a meditation/reflection period. Or, if it is a Catholic ceremony music is used for the lighting of the candles. Jewish ceremonies also often have music performed during the ceremony.

Once the you have been presented as Husband and Wife, the recessional music begins. This music should be ceremonial and triumphant. The couple leaves the hall, and is followed by the wedding guests as music accompanies the proceedings.

Read our Wedding Ceremony Music page to learn more about how music is used in a wedding ceremony, and for repertoire recommendations from professional, Juilliard trained musicians.

Reception music is usually divided into three parts- the cocktail/social hour, dinner, and after-dinner activities. Usually the classical ensemble that performed at your ceremony also plays at your cocktail hour and through dinner. For after dinner dancing and other activities, you can hire a jazz band or DJ.

The music performed at your reception is usually left up to your Chicago wedding musicians. An experienced group can play for hours while keeping the atmosphere fresh and sophisticated.

What Type of Ensemble Should You Choose for Your Chicago Wedding?

Your wedding budget will play an important role in choosing the type of ensemble that performs at you wedding. Because most classical music is conceived in a four part harmonic structure, it makes sense to have four Chicago wedding musicians at your event. For this reason, the most common, and probably the best choice for most situations, it the string quartet. Consisting of 2 violinists, 1 violist, and 1 cellist, a string quartet provides for a complete harmonic structure, and makes enough sound to fill a fairly large space.

String trios offer many of the benefits of the string quartet, while being more economical because there is one less musician to pay. String trios, while not as full or complex sounding as a quartet, still provide a warm, engrossing sound. Duos, such as 2 violins, or violin and flute, are good for weddings in smaller venues, and if you are planning on your church keyboard player performing at your wedding, then hiring a solo string player is a nice way to make the sound more interesting and beautiful.

Our classical music ensembles page offers descriptions of many of the ensembles that are possible at your Chicago wedding, and for what types of venues these ensembles are appropriate.

Choose the Best Trained, Experienced Chicago Wedding Musicians

Bad Chicago wedding musicians can wreak havoc at your wedding. Poor timing while the Bride and her party walk down the aisle can make the group look awkward at best. And no one wants to listen to a group that makes an ugly sound or plays out of tune. These types of musicians don't enhance a wedding, they detract from it . Hire Conservatory Alumni is unique in that our musicians are world-class, and trained at the world's most prestigious performing arts schools, including the Juilliard School. Our musicians are guaranteed to be experienced, professional, and most importantly, wonderful musicians that will make any event a better one.

"Thanks so much for playing at my wedding! Many of our guests commented that my ceremony was the most beautiful and moving they have attended."

Anna Skarin, Naperville, IL

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